Avoiding the ?Christmas shopping rush’ this 2010

Avoiding the ?Christmas shopping rush’ this 2010



Christmas is just around the corner, no doubt.


It’s been a yearly tradition to start this festivity as early as September. Once the ‘ber’ month comes in, we can’t help but to start thinking on what décor to put up in each corner of the house or what Christmas gift will be suitable for each of our loved ones.


We can’t help but to plan ahead of time, spending Christmas. However, most of us end up with just a plan written in our brain cells and after a while we forgot the idea that we planned ahead of  time just to save time and to avoid the Christmas rush. This results to cramming especially in shopping the best Christmas gift for our love ones and worse, we tend to burn a hole in our pockets because since its rush, we don’t have time anymore to look for an affordable but amazing gift items.


Of course everyone doesn’t like scrambling with other ‘crammers’ when it comes to shopping (as far as I know). So here are some tips on how to avoid the rush in your Christmas shopping 2010.


1.   Since we Filipinos plan ahead of time (as early as September), we better stick on that plan and make it happen.

2.   We might lose a number of brain cells every day, so we better have a Christmas shopping list to avoid missing up something and also to be organized. So when we go shopping, we are ready to pick up those items written in our lists, fast and easy.

3.   Window shopping will help us a lot. We could scout places where we can find the best presents and the most affordable one. Divisoria is one of most crowded places during the rush, why? You should find out.

4.   In connection to our number 3 tip, bazaars, tiangges, and other Christmas events might help in our Christmas shopping, so heads up and be on the lookout.

5.   Finally, if we really want to save time and money this Christmas, be patient. This is the keyword that will help us accomplish all the things that we planned and organized, we should try to develop this attitude because it can be useful to us not only during this activity but also in others that require the virtue.


Christmas will be more meaningful and great if we do things properly and planning is just a step higher to make it a delightful one. Good luck to your Christmas shopping folks!