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Greek crisis summit called after talks fail and bank fears grow – as it happened


Greek crisis summit called after talks fail and bank fears grow – as it happened
Some €2bn of deposits have been withdrawn from Greek banks so far this week – including a record €1bn yesterday – triggering fears that a breakdown in talks would spark a further flight of funds. The German leader … Right now we're short of a dialogue.”.
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Purisima should retire now; leave secrecy of bank deposits law alone
The news media recently reported that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has urged Congress to repeal the secrecy in bank deposits law, supposedly to strengthen the country's tax system, and to fight tax evasion, tax fraud …
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Deposit costs remain low for US banks—for now
The question that now looms large is, when will the Federal Open Market Committee, the monetary policy board at the U.S. central bank, begin to ease up and allow short-term interest rates to climb? [Read the cover story from the May 2015 Banking …
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Walmart Money Card Direct Deposit Help


The Walmart MoneyCard offers direct deposit so that you can have your paycheck automatically added to your Walmart MoneyCard account. Some of the benefits of this include that your cash is available immediately on payday, you can save money on check cashing fees, it’s 100% secure and the feature is flexible you can opt out at any time.

The following types of checks can be direct deposited onto your Walmart MoneyCard:

  • Employment paycheck
  • Federal government benefits (social security, disability, veteran’s, civil service, railroad)
  • State government benefits
  • Other income checks (commission or settlement checks)

As an added bonus Walmart will give you a $10 bonus into your account after you sign up for direct deposit and the first $250 is added. There really isn’t an easier or more convenient way to access your money. You can then withdrawal the cash at any time from an ATM and avoid those check cashing fees!

Direct Deposit is the way to go!

How to Set Up Walmart Money Card Direct Deposit

You have to login to your Walmart Money Card account and navigate to view your direct deposit account and routing number. This account number will be unique, so it’s important that you do not share this information.

Once you receive your direct deposit account and routing number, enter that on the direct deposit form that is provided by your employer or other form of payment you are receiving.

If you have any questions you can call Walmart customer support at 1-866-871-2416