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First Progress Credit Card Review


first-progress-platinum-selectFirst Progress offers a starter or second-chance credit card that is tailored towards individuals with no or low credit. As such, it doesn’t have many of the features or benefits of a typical, or unsecured, credit card. At the same time, this might be the right card for you if you’re just looking for something basic and easy to obtain.

Credit Limit
Secured cards are like debit cards in some ways. They require you to fund the card directly before purchases are made, but most secured cards do have a strict maximum limit. The First Progress card has a minimum of $300 and an overall maximum of $2,000. Your actual maximum will be determined during the approval process. It can be as low as $500, or it might reach the full $2,000.

Before getting this card, you must send the minimum deposit along with your application. Though very unlikely, if you’re declined for some reason, then the deposit will be send back to you in the form of a check. You can also request your money back at any time if you wish to close the card.

According to many reviews, First Progress used to offer online payments that allowed you to send the money electronically, but it seems like they recently changed to physical mail only.

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Prepaid Card Review – All Access Visa


The All Access Visa is a great choice for a prepaid credit card. It will give you free direct deposit, free account alerts, free bill pay and more.

It offers guaranteed approval for everyone. It does not matter how bad your credit history is, or even if you have been placed into chexsystems.

One of the more unique benefits is it offers a free savings account. They do this to encourage savings and you will be able to earn 5% APR on your savings account.

You can also have 3 additional cards issued to you for your friends or family members. This can be used to help teach your children how to manage money.

It is free to transfer money from one card to another. This can be used to transfer money to a child away at college or a spouse.

This is ideal for students who still rely upon their parents for some financial assistance. Should you find yourself in a position where you need cash your card is accepted at over 1 million ATM locations.

You also can sign up to get free account alerts, via text messaging, and e-mail. There is zero liability for unauthorized purchases.

If you use direct deposit this will save you hundreds of dollars a year by not having to pay for check cashing fees ever again. You can also choose to use bill pay which is a method to pay your bills; this will save you money by not having to purchase costly money orders.

It can be used to book hotel reservations and to rent a car. It is accepted online and over the phone.

You can deposit funds at cash locations, additional retail locations (including many gas stations), direct deposit and even using pay pal.

In sum, we do suggest the prepaid All Access Visa. You will never pay interest or be charged an over the limit fee or overdraft fee again.

For more about the All Access Visa a suggested prepaid credit card visit us.

Additionally if you would like a free credit consultation call 1-800-483-0256.

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