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What Equipment Do I Need to Accept Credit Cards For My Business?


What Equipment Do I Need to Accept Credit Cards For My Business?

The basic piece of equipment most small retail operation will want is a terminal, that black box that sits next to the cash register and is connected to the card processor via phone line or Internet. Cards may be swiped or input manually and an optional debit PIN pad allows customers to enter their secret PIN for their debit card.

If you accept checks, you can also connect a check swipe reader that will scan the check through the check guarantee service of your choice and electronically deposits the funds into your account, saving trips to the bank. Connected to or part of the terminal is a receipt printer.

Instead of a terminal, you may elect to use a personal computer with a card swipe reader attached to it. Point-of-sale software installed on the computer will accept the input card and send it via internet or phone line for processing and authorization.

There are literally hundreds of POS systems available on the market, many industry-specific, such as for hotels or restaurants.

If you do not have or want a POS system, you can set up a “virtual terminal” on your PC by logging in to your credit card processor’s website and swiping or manually entering card information for authorization. Such sites usually also permit you to void, force and refund transactions or set up recurring transactions such as monthly health club memberships, automobile payments, etc.

Virtual processing usually also permits you to use you cell phone to get authorizations on the go, out in the field, and usually also offer a shopping cart that you can integrate into your company website for online purchases.

For businesses that deliver merchandise to customers, such as pizza shops, there is a new wireless terminal, most like a cell phone, that your drivers carry with them. At the customer’s home they swipe the customer’s card through this mobile terminal and get an authorization. This can represent a tremendous monthly savings over accepting orders over the phone at the store and manually keying in the customer’s credit card number. Remember, manually keyed-in cards are charged a higher Non-Qualified Rate because the fraud risk is higher when the card is not present and swiped. The mobile terminal does swipe the card and it is treated as a card-present transaction, at a much lower rate. Mobile terminals utilize Packet Radio Service or cell service and are very reliable. The driver carries a small printer on their belt to print receipts for the customer.

You can acquire equipment by outright purchase, or lease it. Each option has advantages, discuss them with your accountant. If you do lease, you don’t have to worry if the terminal breaks, just swap it for a new one. Some processors will provide you with a “free” terminal but you will usually end up paying higher transaction rates or other hidden fees. There is no free lunch.

James Hussher is a national Account Executive for Card Payment Solutions, a registered merchant services provider (MSP) for Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase banks. Contact James at, a site James maintains to inform his credit card merchant clients. Wherever you are in the USA, I offer a free analysis of your current merchant account statement. I will provide a report showing you exactly how much you are paying to accept cards in each tier, plus monthly fees; I will also propose the rates we can give you, for a clear side-by-side comparison.

The Credit Crunch – What Is It?


The Credit Crunch – What Is It?

THE CREDIT CRUNCH – The words everyone has begun to hate and fear. TV now uses it as a great marketing tool. Bit sick if you ask me. People are losing their homes, their families, their jobs, it’s disgusting and the rich are just cashing in and getting richer. But here’s an idea, why not get rich yourself. Instead of wanting to die, or kill the guy next to you out of frustration, build your own empire.

In the poorer countries, they are expert at doing this. There are no jobs there, so the people turn their hands at doing things themselves and make a good living. Say you are a mechanic, or, maybe you are just gifted at fixing cars. Start doing that. Fix your friends cars (always charge them, never do it for free) and then do THEIR friends cars and so on. Build yourself a reputation. Undercut all the garages around you and you will make a fairly good living. You don’t need to get yourself into knots. Learn to turn your hand to what you are good at. Focus on what you can do, not what you’ve just lost.

In times of distress, we focus on what we don’t have, because that’s what we are programmed to do. Don’t do that. It is so hard to make a living out of anything these days and everyone is out for themselves. I get that, but just the little you can do, will make you feel good about yourself and if you feel good about yourself, suddenly a whole new world of possibilities will open to you. It’s how it works. Nothing works when we are feeling down and desperate.

Get away from desperation, and start thinking about how you can become your own boss. This will give you tremendous power and a sense of achievement. Forget about those words THE CREDIT CRUNCH. Don’t let fear come anywhere into your thinking realm. Just push on ahead no matter what.

We need courage now. We all need so much courage and it’s so hard for all of us. It is hard to watch some people have it so good when we have it so bad, but if you can keep believing that you too will soon have it good then you’ll be more than fine before you know it.

All I can honestly tell you, is not to be afraid and to work on what you know you can do to make a living.

Be at peace, we have to be, and be determined to make your own way forward.

Deborah Mann

Bad Credit Credit Cards – What They Can Do For You


Bad Credit Credit Cards – What They Can Do For You

Many of us have been there and if you ask how it happened, some people don’t know. We said yes to a purchase when we should have said no. We broke every rule that our parents taught us including the golden financial rule: Don’t spend it if you don’t have it. Fortunately, even if our credit is in shambles, there are ways to help us rebuild it.

You may be somebody who knows how to manage money. You have never made an impulse purchase and the idea of buying something not on sale is foreign to you. You had a savings account and your financial health was strong but then something happened in your life that was unexpected. Your savings was wiped out and now you find yourself in financial trouble.

While repairing your damaged score with a new credit card seems odd, these offers do have some tools to help you. First, all of they will report your positive payment history to the three major reporting agencies. Next, many offer educational articles, podcasts, and seminars to teach you how to better manage your finances.

These cards come in numerous varieties. Some are secured, which means that the money contained in a savings account that you set up is your available balance. Others are unsecured which is the traditional method where money is extended to you on the promise you will make payments.

There are some drawbacks, often the interest rate and fees are quite high. It’s not uncommon to pay more than $ 250 in fees just to apply and be approved. The limit is low. Most cards start at $ 500 or less and once the application fees are subtracted, you may only have slightly over $ 250 to left to use.

There are some that truly help those who are trying to rebuild. By offering a reduced APR, less fees, and a liberal payment policy, these can even further help those trying to dig out of financial hardship.

To find the right one for you, do some comparison shopping. Depending on your situation a prepaid offer may be the way to go, some now report to major bureaus.

For more about Bad Credit Credit Cards or for a review of the unsecured Imagine MasterCard visit us.

Getting a Green Card Visa


Getting a Green Card Visa


The United States of America requires a person entering the United States for an extended period of time to obtain a visa. If an individual plans to stay permanently in the country they must apply for and be approved for a green card. Choosing to become a United States citizen will take another step beyond obtaining a green card, and include an application process and a test. In order to obtain a Green Card Visa there are regulations and guidelines an individual must meet.

Green Card Visa Application

A green card is what proves that a person has obtained lawful resident status within the United States. In order to obtain a green card visa a person will need to go through an application process and there are several ways that a person may qualify. These include employment, marriage, investment, adoption, and through a relative. It is important to read through the descriptions of each application process to determine which will be the best suitable process for your current situation. If you currently have a work visa, obtaining a green card visa through employment status will probably be the best option, even if you qualify under another type of application.

EB5 Visa Program

Individuals who are willing to invest in the United States will have the option to apply for a green card visa under the Eb5 Visa Program. This Immigrant Investor Visa offers a person a way to gain a green card by creating jobs in the United States. The minimum investment amount for this program is $ 500,000. There are several requirements that must be met with this investment, including the creation of at least ten United States jobs. The areas where the investments must be made are also restricted to those areas that have the highest unemployment rates in the nation. Taking this route to obtain a green card can be one of the best ways for a person to gain unrestricted privileges in the country.

Other Types of Visas

There are several visa programs offered by the United States that allow people the right to stay in the country for an extended amount of time. A business visa will allow an individual to visit the country for business purposes that do not involve receiving any type of payment. A tourist visa allows a person to visit the United States for leisure purposes. Any individual who wishes to obtain an education in the country will apply for a student visa. This is required for any type of educational program that a student wishes to enroll in. There are two types of work visas that allow individuals access to the country as well.

There are different requirements for each type of visa. An individual will undergo a background check in order to gain entry into the country. Work visas can be confusing as there are several types to choose from. It is important to state what type of work that is going to be done in order to ensure the right application is chosen. Most of the time visas are obtained rather easily and can be renewed without many problems.


My parents came to the United States from Nicaragua. I was born a year later and automatically became an American citizen. Growing up I heard stories about how immigrants from Central America tried so hard to get into the United States to live, and I kept thinking how lucky I was, and how thankful I felt towards his parents. I felt that I needed to help more immigrants get a better life and facilitate their visa process for the United States. This is why I became an advocate and promoter of immigration and other immigration related issues throughout his life.

Australian Visa


Australian Visa
Types Of Australian Visa

Australia is a popular destination for migrants of all ages. Individuals, couples, and families travel to Australia for pleasure, to seek work, or to start an entirely new life and ensuring that they get the right visa should be the first step. Without the right information, you could be turned away at customs or you could be unable to find work or rent accommodation once you arrive.

Skilled Visa

The skilled visa applicant should be aged under 45 at the time of application and have post secondary qualifications. You must also nominate a particular career that you intend to progress once you arrive in Australia and have been in gainful employment within this field for a period of 12 months within the last 24 months.

Business Visa

There are effectively three different classes of Australian visa that are geared towards business owners or business people. Investors, senior executives, and owners or part owners of businesses can apply for specific Australian visa types.

Partner Visa

People that are married, will marry within 9 months, or are in a same sex relationship with an Australian citizen can gain an Australian visa. Both temporary and permanent visas may be granted depending on the individual circumstances and requirements.

Employee Visa

An individual that works or has been offered a job by a legitimate Australian business employing 10 people for the last two years can travel on an employee Australian visa.

Working Holiday Visa

A working holiday visa is a great way to holiday in Australia while working to finance the trip. You must be able to show reasonable funds to cover ongoing fare and the first part of your trip and must be from one of a list of accepted countries with a valid passport.

Tourist Visa

The tourist visa is the most commonly granted form of Australian visa and allows travellers to enter the country for a period of 3 months from the date the visa was granted. The visa is electronic which means that applicants do not need paper documentation and do not need their passport stamped. There is a list of countries and citizens from these countries are able to apply for a tourist visa on the condition they do not work or study while there. is one of the UKs most trusted and recommended registered migration companies; visit our site today for more information on Australian Visa and New Zealand Visa. is one of the UKs most trusted and recommended registered migration companies; visit our site today for more information on Australian Visa and New Zealand Visa .

What Is Tesco Credit Card?


What Is Tesco Credit Card?
With the advent of technology, especially in this new millennium technology, this includes managing your money. Gone are the days when people bring cash to the supermarkets or shopping malls or fast food chains. Today people are using credit cards and debit cards for payment of purchases and gift cards and vouchers and points of demand and card transactions. In this vein, many economists and experts predicted that there will be a time when the company will be a cashless society.

One such company is Tesco, which are actually a British grocery store and the third largest international retailer in the world. Tesco Credit Card is a card type that is more attractive and interest rates, among others. Tesco Credit Card has no interest in its first year, so it is a good protector, and can easily earn points as you can get one point for every purchase of 2 euros. These points are converted to a quarterly bonus in which you can use the voucher to buy online or in Tesco stores. Points can also be converted to miles when using Air Miles for your trip; you can also use the 10% discount on your travel insurance.

In addition Tesco Credit Card is safe from fraud security. In addition, advice to the fraud you do not give your PIN, not to provide personal information and update your antivirus and spyware forever. Besides, if you receive fraudulent emails, attach those emails in a new and send it immediately to [email protected] or contact their telephone number is 0845 300 4350 for immediate assistance. Even Tesco Credit Card has been praised for its low interest rates and offer; it is undeniable that some complaints of his rough and not empathetic to other consumers are discouraged from using their credit cards. It is then important to conduct research and surveys on their own before getting one.

Best Forex Trading System


Best Forex Trading System

You are out there finding the best forex trading system that can pick up profitable trades that lets you able to earn nicely. So how you find the best system that just do exact just that? How sure are you that the best forex trading system will actually able to find profitable trades for you instead of scams that could not perform and make you lost money? How sure are you when a system claims that it is so easy to learn and picked up to start earning when there are tons of programs out there claiming the same thing? All the systems come down to using software to help you determine a profitable trade opportunity whenever they are available.

So, exactly how sure are you whether a system is that “best forex trading system” for you? You wouldn’t know unless you actually buy and try them! You cannot be possibility buy everything that you see and ended up broke before you can even start to trade in forex. Try these guidelines and they might help you in choosing what could be the best system for you.

Time commitments

All systems teaches you to analyzing profitable patterns. Check out yourself that how much time is involved in using the system. For example, if a system can be showing you profitable trades but it will take you up to 6 hours or more before you and analyze and determined any results. It is not appropriate if you have a job in hand. So if you have actually bought a useful and legit system, you still could not earn because your time commitment is not there.

How much money can you use for trading?

Much much money can you afford to trade depends on each personal preferences. It is not much money that matters, it is about how comfortable are you trading that amount you have forked out. You can be trading and earning huge amount of money but on each and every trade you have made, there are so much fear of losing that you just cannot lose. This is consider very unhealthy trading mentality. All trading profits are to be calculated in percentage gained and not the amount of money profited. With a high percentage gain for a trading system, you can be compounding your profits very fast in a short time. Initially, you should just start a demo or dummy account before you even consider trading for real to get a feel of how trading forex can be.

Risk Management

Every system have their own risk management system. Here is a simple logic you should understand, with bigger gains comes bigger risks. So if you are greedy and wants something that can get you huge profits, be prepare to take the same amount of risk.

After you have found a system that fits best for you on the above criteria, that should be the best forex trading system for you. It is still recommended that you should go to various forex forums and blogs to check on how legit your “best forex trading system” is. The reviews you see in these forums is always the true these people had bought the program and tried it before giving reviews.


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Forex Bulletproof


Forex Bulletproof

Forex is a wonderful online business provided that you have quality toolkit with you. A forex trader needs to recognize the importance of the forex software programs and needs to use them in order to make the most of this business. The traders also need to find more reliable brokers. Understanding the forex market and its indicators is another necessary thing for making money from forex.

Apart from everything else, a reliable software program can do a lot for you. It can account for all the lapses that you have made as a trader and can come up with strong rewards. But this is never easy as a reliable software robot hardly exists.

I tried out the hyped Forex Bulletproof. It did just right for me. It does make profit and it actually is quite reliable. But the chances of error are always there as with everything else no matter how rare they are.

With Forex Bulletproof, I carried on trading but with different strategy. I went more aggressive. I tested it for high risk and fortunately I had some luck with it. It is not recommended to go aggressive until you know what you are doing. Letting the software do what it does by default will keep you safe and will help you make regular profit. But if you are planning to take more risks by using a risky strategy then you will not be trading safe.

There is a price that you will have to pay for this robot. The price seems reasonable because of the safety and the extra add-ons available.

The most important thing for the new traders is not just the robot but it’s the interface and usability of that robot. The forex Bulletproof lets you get familiar easily. It provides training video, FAQ and customer support to help you get going.

Samuel Mckenzie is writing about forex bulletproof based on his experience in Forex trading so far. He normally writes about forex trading, forex broker reviews, Forex robot reviews such as fap turbo review, forex bulletproof review and etc.

Budgeting With a Prepaid Debit Card


Budgeting With a Prepaid Debit Card

Prepaid debit cards are absolutely great budgeting tools. That’s because to use them, you must save a little and you must plan a little – and that’s what budgeting is all about after all. So here’s how they can be useful.

Start out by identifying a particular part of your budget that you want to take better control of. Let’s say, you start with your discretionary spending, your “mad money,” or, as my mom liked to call it, your “adult allowance.” You’ll need to figure out how much you can afford to part with each month and you’ll need to make a commitment to yourself that you won’t spend more than that figure.

Next, you arrange to have that amount loaded onto your prepaid Visa or prepaid MasterCard around the same time each month. Usually this will fall right on or after payday. You can do this by getting into the habit of going to a local retailer (one who sells or supports your prepaid card) and loading it up with cash. Alternatively, you can arrange with several prepaid debit card companies to automatically load your card with a direct deposit of some kind (e.g. from your paycheck). This makes it easier for you to keep the process going on a regular basis and it has the added benefit of maybe saving you a monthly maintenance fee charge. That’s because some companies will waive the monthly maintenance fee if you load with direct deposits.

Once you’ve done that, you should arrange with the company to receive account alerts. These are regularly scheduled email or cell phone alerts that tell you what your balance is and what activity has occurred on your card. You have to know what you’ve spent and what you have left if you’re going to work your budget properly.

Now you’re set. Use the prepaid card for your normal purchases. Go to the movies, buy fast food, pick up some knick knacks; buy whatever you normally would buy with cash or a credit card. But keep track of your balance. That’s the key!

You now have a convenient place to keep track of all your incidental spending so use it to constantly stay in touch with how much money is left. Use it to help you conserve that money so it lasts the month. And use it to discover what you’re really spending your money on – and ways you can save or cut back on the excesses.

Once you get comfortable using a debit card in this way, you can expand its use. You can add money and other areas of your budget to it. Soon, you’ll find yourself spending your money more wisely – and having more of it left over at the end of each month too. Ultimately, budgeting with a prepaid debit card will save you a lot of money in the long run because you’ll be paying as you go and not racking up credit card bills that leave you deeper and deeper in debt. Happy budgeting.

Nick Dunjaski is the webmaster of

Cards in India


Cards in India

Cards are the most impressive and popular way to express your feelings and emotions for someone or on any special occasion. You can easily convey yourself in very simple words. Now, e-cards are the latest trend in the market, which are more reliable and fast medium to send the cards. Along with this, cards are the fairly inexpensive gifts to present that are easily available to every bookstore, stationary shops, card galleries etc.

Cards in India are not new but with the time patterns and trends get changed. You are available with various types of cards like Birthday cards, Kids birthday cards, Theme cards, Musical cards, Christmas cards, Sorry cards, Good-wishes cards, Anniversary cards, Irish folding cards and many more. There are hundreds of options in different designs, colors, shapes, size, brand and price.

Kids get attract towards bright colors, large and attractive things therefore Kids Birthday cards generally have some large cartoon figures or any funny pictures that easily appeal them. Birthday cards make people feel that how much you care and love them and their feel so special on that day. Usually, we prefer to present readymade or branded cards.

But, if you are really keen to make your special one so happy then handmade card does well. Handmade cards have got some emotional touch and special meaning when you present them. Like, Irish folding cards can be made at home with little efforts or can be ordered online. Irish is the sleek and thick paper sheet that use to cove-up files or making cards.

These sheets have colorful flower petals stick on its surface and easily get into shape. You can design the number of figures like Birthday figures (age of the person, candles, balloons etc), teddy bear, champagne glasses, Christmas tree, stars, Santa and number of countless things. Greeting Cards

If want to know more about the Cards in India or looking for Birthday cards, Kids birthday cards, Irish folding cards options then brings the complete solution for you, where you can compare the features and prices of the products and get the advantages of best online deals with discounts.

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