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Walmart MoneyCard Features


Everybody sure knows the Wal-Mart chain of supermarkets, but a little less known fact is that these stores also offer a Wal-Mart moneycard. This card is acceptable at all places where a MasterCard debit or Visa debit card is accepted and one of the top rated prepaid cards in the world.

You can check the Walmart MoneyCard balance at any of the Walmart locations or use your Walmart MoneyCard Login to manage your funds.

Walmart MoneyCard Features

  • Easy to get: applying for a Wal-Mart visa debit card cannot be easier than this. Anybody applying for the card is guaranteed to get it as there is no credit check or specific bank account required.
  • Direct Free Deposit: Wal-Mart Visa money card clients are sure saving all the time as this card frees them from the monetary burden of heavy cashing fees all the time.
  • Easily Reloaded: Money card Wal-Mart can be easily reloaded with cash across the counter at any Wal-Mart registered store by just swiping your Wal-Mart money card. You can also cash a part of your payroll or government cheque at any Wal-Mart store with no reloading fees levied.
  • Convenience: Wal-Mart moneycard is very convenient as there is no purchase or transaction fee levied from the customer and you can enjoy the benefits of shopping hassle free.
  • Safety: Wal-Mart money card visa is a very safe option for those of you weary of carrying heavy cash in your pockets. In fact even if your Wal-Mart money card is lost or stolen the MasterCard and Visa zero liability policy protects you from any unauthorized purchases or payments made using your card. In case of loss or theft of card you can call 1-877-937-4098 and report so that the company can help you retrieve your card.

Green Dot Card Review


Green Dot is an American owned debit card company Columbus Bank and Trust Company founded in 1999 with its head quarters in California.

They are the leading providers of pre paid debit cards and their retail cash reloads and payment networks is one of the largest in the world.

Features of Green Dot Prepaid MasterCard:

  • Monthly Fees Waived: the activation fee for a Green dot card when done online is free but also the monthly fee of 4.95$ can be still waived off when the Green Dot MasterCard user makes more than 30 purchases using this card during a month or when he spends at least 1000$ using his Green Dot card during one month. This is easily achievable when you use you Green Dot card for all your necessities through the month.
  • Automated Bill Payment: By activating the online bill pay systems Green Dot card users can afford to forget to pay their bills as their bills get automatically paid online as and when they are due for payment.
  • Go Mobile Application: in today’s fast paced world nobody has the time and patience to sit down and keep track and manage things. Green Dot MasterCard is the best solution for you as they have their free ‘go mobile application’ which when activated can help you track you account history and help you manage accounts on your mobile.
  • Bonus Deposit: Green Dot card users have the unique benefit of gaining 10$ to their account from the company after their first deposit of 250$ when they have activated their card online. So when your account gets its first 250$ credit you automatically get credited with 260$ as you are a privileged Green dot MasterCard user.
  • Free Any Time Money: Green Dot card holders have the benefit of enjoying free ATM transactions at any place and time subject to the place coming under the Money Pass network. Added to this Money Pass allows Green Dot customers to free tracking of nearest located ATM  with Money Pass network.
  • A Perfect Fit: Green Dot Master Card allows its customers to choose the best card from the wide options available according to their financial needs.

GreenDot MasterCard Review

Green Dot MasterCard unlike other cards does not permit purchases up to any limit and then retrieves the amount along with interest. Initially it seems attractive to the customer but ultimately he is burdened with huge interests in the end. Green Dot MasterCard requires the customer to first load the money before the purchases or payment is made.

This card helps you stay within your budget and keep a track of your finances on regular basis and also pay your bills, shop online and make purchases at different stores. Green Dot card is usually issued as a MasterCard or Visa and the purchases can be made using this card either online or through phone. My Green Dot has got various products with different unique features giving a huge choice to the customer to select the card according to his need.

Green Dot card allows its customers to access ATM facilities without any extra fees or charges. The Green Dot card has a free activation service and the customers are not required to pay anything for activation of the card. There is also no minimum balance required for this card and also no overdraft or late fee is charged at any point of time.

EPPICard Prepaid Debit Card Explained


The EPPICard is a prepaid debit card that is sponsored by over 23 different states. The program is made to provide payments for child support, workers comp, or other state sponsored activities. EPPICard gives the user financial freedom as they are able to do anything with the prepaid debit card just like it was a regular checking account or credit card. This includes shopping online, using it to pay bills, or even withdrawing money from the ATM. The EPPICard is also safer than carrying cash because if the card is ever lost or stolen, you will not be responsible for the lost funds.

A look at all of the state sponsored EPPICard's

You can manage all of your funds online through your EPPICard account. It is very important to select a password that cannot be hacked or guessed by someone. You also may not want to login to your account from public places like the library or at coffee shops. If your account is ever hacked you must call customer service for your EPPICard immediately so that they can shut down the account. They will cancel the old card and re-issue you a new one that should arrive in 7-10 business days. If you need your card faster it can be expedited out to you for an additional fee.

EPPICard does not charge a monthly activity fee, which is very different from most prepaid debit cards. This is because the card is going to be reloaded on a frequent basis by the government. You will however be charged a fee for using the card at the ATM. Depending on how your state has the program set up you may face the surcharge from the ATM as well as the card provider. The easiest way to avoid any EPPICard fees is just selecting the cash back option when you buy something at a store. Some places have the cash back option include gas stations, drug stores, and other popular merchants. You are limited to the amount of cash you can get from these places, so you do not want to rely on always having to carry cash.

Where To Buy Green Dot Prepaid Debit Cards


Green Dot Prepaid Debit Cards are some of the top rated prepaid cards made for consumers today. With a prepaid Visa debit card you can shop online, buy things at stores, or pay your bills online. The financial freedom associated with a prepaid debit card is great, because you don’t have to worry about the massive fees that happen when you have a regular credit card or checking account. Gone are the days of overdraft fees, late charges, or missed payments with a prepaid debit card.

Choose between a Visa or MasterCard

Green Dot offers a couple of different prepaid cards that you can purchase either online or in-store. You will have to pay an activation fee and provide information like your address, phone number, and social security number. This is so that the account can be registered and you can shop online and do whatever else that youw ant to with the card. You will also have to choose between a Green Dot MasterCard or a Green Dot Visa Card. These are both very highly rated cards and you really can’t go wrong choosing either one.

You can buy Green Dot Cards at the following merchants:

  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • 7-11
  • K-Mart
  • Rite Aid
  • Walgreens
If you would rather apply for your Green Dot Card online you can do that as well. You will have to wait for your card to come in the mail, but it should arrive in 3-5 business days. It can be easier to go to the store to activate a card, but it’s definitely more convenient to do this from your own home. 

711 Prepaid Cards


711 now offers some of the best prepaid cards sponsored by the GreenDot Network. You can buy Green Dot Cards at every 7-11 in the entire country and use them to shop online, shop in-store, or pay your bills.

The 711 prepaid cards act just like a regular credit card or debit card, except you cannot spend more than the balance on the card. The 711 prepaid cards are great because you can experience the same financial freedom of having a regular checking account from a bank, but you will never have to worry about overdraft fees, late fees, or missed payments ever again.

Here are the Prepaid Cards that you can buy at 711.

  • Green Dot Express Bill Pay Visa
  • Green Dot Money Pak
  • Green Dot Nascar Prepaid Visa Card
  • Green Dot Online Shopping Visa
  • Green Dot Prepagada Visa
  • Green Dot Prepaid Visa
  • Green Dot Student Visa
Each one of the 711 Prepaid Cards are for a different purpose and can be loaded there and will come with just a small activation fee.

Learn more about Green Dot Prepaid Cards available at 711