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Target Visa Prepaid Card Information

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As holiday time rolls around, everyone is busy finding the right present for their family members. Just about everyone has received a Target prepaid gift card either as graduation present, birthday or for the holidays. Available at almost all Target stores in the nation, the Target Visa Prepaid gift card is a convenient way to pay bills, shop online or at the store and do much more. The article provides you with the real facts on the working of the Target Visa Prepaid Card.
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The Target Visa Prepaid Card requires no credit check or prior bank account details required to receive the gift card. And for this reason it is a safe and secure way to make purchases wherever the Visa prepaid card is accepted! The amount of money available on the gift card is equal to what was loaded on the card when purchased. For instance, if your uncle purchased a $100 gift card for you for Christmas, your brand new card has a balance of $200 on it.


To make a purchase that exceeds the balance on your card, you will need to use a second form of payment to cover the remaining amount. As the gift is non reloadable the balance gets deducted as soon as you make a purchase. Therefore, when making a greater purchase than amount remaining on your card remember to tell the cashier that you will be using either another credit card, check or gift card to cover the difference.


You can shop with your Target gift Card until the expiration date shown on the card or till the balance on your card hasn’t depleted. Once the balance on your gift card depletes you could return the gift card to the customer service desk for them to recycle and reuse the card.
How To Check Your Balance?


The balance on your Target Visa Gift Card can be obtained online ( or at customer service desk at your nearest Target store. It is important to have your prepaid card number, CVV number (the three digits on the back) and the expiration date available to get the remaining balance on your gift card.


Lastly, if you still have balance on the card and happen to misplace it remember to immediately report lost or stolen gift cards to the Target customer service. This avoids any unauthorized transactions on your card and keeps your money safe.

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Where You Can Buy Green Dot Cards


Green Dot Cards are some of the most popular prepaid cards available. Prepaid cards are great because they do not have the same fees like regular credit cards such as late fees or overdraft charges.

Green Dot Prepaid Cards are available with various retailers like:

  • Rite Aid
  • Walgreens
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Kroger
  • 711
  • Walmart

Buy a Green Dot Card at the local retailer nearest you by searching using the Green Dot Search Page located here. Simply key in your zip code or city and state where you live in and the nearest retailer details will be available to you.

You can also buy the card online by visiting the Green Dot webpage and filling in the information that is requested. You will have to provide a drivers license, social security number, and other forms of identification. You will then receive your personalized Green Dot card free of any shipping cost to you.

Walmart MoneyCard Features


Everybody sure knows the Wal-Mart chain of supermarkets, but a little less known fact is that these stores also offer a Wal-Mart moneycard. This card is acceptable at all places where a MasterCard debit or Visa debit card is accepted and one of the top rated prepaid cards in the world.

You can check the Walmart MoneyCard balance at any of the Walmart locations or use your Walmart MoneyCard Login to manage your funds.

Walmart MoneyCard Features

  • Easy to get: applying for a Wal-Mart visa debit card cannot be easier than this. Anybody applying for the card is guaranteed to get it as there is no credit check or specific bank account required.
  • Direct Free Deposit: Wal-Mart Visa money card clients are sure saving all the time as this card frees them from the monetary burden of heavy cashing fees all the time.
  • Easily Reloaded: Money card Wal-Mart can be easily reloaded with cash across the counter at any Wal-Mart registered store by just swiping your Wal-Mart money card. You can also cash a part of your payroll or government cheque at any Wal-Mart store with no reloading fees levied.
  • Convenience: Wal-Mart moneycard is very convenient as there is no purchase or transaction fee levied from the customer and you can enjoy the benefits of shopping hassle free.
  • Safety: Wal-Mart money card visa is a very safe option for those of you weary of carrying heavy cash in your pockets. In fact even if your Wal-Mart money card is lost or stolen the MasterCard and Visa zero liability policy protects you from any unauthorized purchases or payments made using your card. In case of loss or theft of card you can call 1-877-937-4098 and report so that the company can help you retrieve your card.

NetSpend Visa Prepaid Fees

Net spend keeps your money safe in the account rather than your wallet where the risk involved is more taking into account the vicious world filled with the prying eyes of pick picketers. So it is better to pay a small fee in terms of maintenance fees rather than losing all your money. Net spend charges a minimal monthly charge less than even 10$ as a token for maintenance.

Most of the companies claiming to have a no credit check policy have hidden charges which are not mentioned till the actual card is taken and even then they are mentioned in very small print. The user gets to know these details as and when the money actually starts getting deducted.

Net Spend is very transparent regarding these issues and has NO HIDDEN charges. You can go on to enjoy your facilities with no fear of paying extra unwanted money to the company.

NetSpend Visa Card Review

With a lot of companies coming up with new concepts using debit cards Net Spend is still sure to stand out among them considering the unique above mentioned features. The usage of the Net Spend visa card is much easier to use and very user friendly.
With the arrival of Net Spend gone are the long queues at banks for basic operations like withdrawal, deposit, fund transfer and so on. All these operations can be performed within minutes sitting at home. Net Spend has been the first prepaid debit card to cross 1 billion $ mark as regards to loads in a single month.
All the Net spend products are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) making them safer and secure than ever before. Net spend has helped over 7 million customers benefit using this debit card for making purchases online, paying bills and shop online since 1999 and the numbers are just growing by the year.