EPPICard Prepaid Debit Card Explained

The EPPICard is a prepaid debit card that is sponsored by over 23 different states. The program is made to provide payments for child support, workers comp, or other state sponsored activities. EPPICard gives the user financial freedom as they are able to do anything with the prepaid debit card just like it was a regular checking account or credit card. This includes shopping online, using it to pay bills, or even withdrawing money from the ATM. The EPPICard is also safer than carrying cash because if the card is ever lost or stolen, you will not be responsible for the lost funds.

A look at all of the state sponsored EPPICard's

You can manage all of your funds online through your EPPICard account. It is very important to select a password that cannot be hacked or guessed by someone. You also may not want to login to your account from public places like the library or at coffee shops. If your account is ever hacked you must call customer service for your EPPICard immediately so that they can shut down the account. They will cancel the old card and re-issue you a new one that should arrive in 7-10 business days. If you need your card faster it can be expedited out to you for an additional fee.

EPPICard does not charge a monthly activity fee, which is very different from most prepaid debit cards. This is because the card is going to be reloaded on a frequent basis by the government. You will however be charged a fee for using the card at the ATM. Depending on how your state has the program set up you may face the surcharge from the ATM as well as the card provider. The easiest way to avoid any EPPICard fees is just selecting the cash back option when you buy something at a store. Some places have the cash back option include gas stations, drug stores, and other popular merchants. You are limited to the amount of cash you can get from these places, so you do not want to rely on always having to carry cash.