Green Dot Card Review

Green Dot is an American owned debit card company Columbus Bank and Trust Company founded in 1999 with its head quarters in California.

They are the leading providers of pre paid debit cards and their retail cash reloads and payment networks is one of the largest in the world.

Features of Green Dot Prepaid MasterCard:

  • Monthly Fees Waived: the activation fee for a Green dot card when done online is free but also the monthly fee of 4.95$ can be still waived off when the Green Dot MasterCard user makes more than 30 purchases using this card during a month or when he spends at least 1000$ using his Green Dot card during one month. This is easily achievable when you use you Green Dot card for all your necessities through the month.
  • Automated Bill Payment: By activating the online bill pay systems Green Dot card users can afford to forget to pay their bills as their bills get automatically paid online as and when they are due for payment.
  • Go Mobile Application: in today’s fast paced world nobody has the time and patience to sit down and keep track and manage things. Green Dot MasterCard is the best solution for you as they have their free ‘go mobile application’ which when activated can help you track you account history and help you manage accounts on your mobile.
  • Bonus Deposit: Green Dot card users have the unique benefit of gaining 10$ to their account from the company after their first deposit of 250$ when they have activated their card online. So when your account gets its first 250$ credit you automatically get credited with 260$ as you are a privileged Green dot MasterCard user.
  • Free Any Time Money: Green Dot card holders have the benefit of enjoying free ATM transactions at any place and time subject to the place coming under the Money Pass network. Added to this Money Pass allows Green Dot customers to free tracking of nearest located ATM  with Money Pass network.
  • A Perfect Fit: Green Dot Master Card allows its customers to choose the best card from the wide options available according to their financial needs.

GreenDot MasterCard Review

Green Dot MasterCard unlike other cards does not permit purchases up to any limit and then retrieves the amount along with interest. Initially it seems attractive to the customer but ultimately he is burdened with huge interests in the end. Green Dot MasterCard requires the customer to first load the money before the purchases or payment is made.

This card helps you stay within your budget and keep a track of your finances on regular basis and also pay your bills, shop online and make purchases at different stores. Green Dot card is usually issued as a MasterCard or Visa and the purchases can be made using this card either online or through phone. My Green Dot has got various products with different unique features giving a huge choice to the customer to select the card according to his need.

Green Dot card allows its customers to access ATM facilities without any extra fees or charges. The Green Dot card has a free activation service and the customers are not required to pay anything for activation of the card. There is also no minimum balance required for this card and also no overdraft or late fee is charged at any point of time.