Mango Money Card Review

The Mango prepaid MasterCard is a safe and convenient way to access your money whenever you need it. The company has been nominated for many different awards by CNN, The Economist, and Fast Company [press]. It is like a secure credit card the only difference being that in the Mango MasterCard, the funds are preloaded into the card account and the cardholder can spend up to the card limit without the fear of overspending or high interests or overdrafts. The Mango Card has very simple fee structure as it is a prepaid card and does not have any hidden charges attached to it.

The card is more like a checking account from a bank or a credit card, where sitting in the comfort of your home you can use this card to pay bills and shop online. Mango has a special direst deposit plan where after two consecutive direct deposits the card holders account gets credited with a bonus of $20. Who doesn’t want a free $20 bonus?

The Mango Money features are second to none.

Mango MasterCard also helps you start earning the annual percentage yield (APY) as soon as you have a direct deposit with your Mango card. You can open a savings account with your Mango Card with just one dollar and earn an APY of 5.1%. You can also manage your funds through your cell phone with the Mango mobile solutions. Mango cardholders also avail the benefit of the Rent Safe insurance cover where the cardholders can insure their house and property against theft and vandalism with Mango MasterCard for $5,000 – $10,000 in coverage at a very low monthly premium.

Here is a look at a Mango Money Center.

Mango Money Center from GOOD: Edge of Progress on Vimeo.