Most Popular Prepaid Gas Cards

Prepaid Gas Cards are a great way to show someone that you appreciate them or thank them for a job well done. With the constantly high and rising price of gasoline, a prepaid gas card is the ultimate convenience for some people. There’s nothing like filling up your car, truck or suv at the pump and not having to shell the money out of your own pocket. 

You can use the prepaid gas card directly at the pump for most merchants, unlike with a prepaid debit card. For prepaid debit cards like the Rush Card, you will have to go inside the store and pre authorize the funds at the counter. 

The most popular prepaid gas cards are ones that can be used at the most amount of locations. Depending on the area of the country that you live in, there could also be other merchants like Wawa, Sheetz, or other smaller type that is popular as well.

People love Exxon Prepaid Gas Cards

Exxon Mobile – Exxon Mobile gas cards are the most popular gas cards due to the amount of locations in the United States. You can literally find and Exxon at almost every exit on every major highway. 

BP Gas – Even though BP lost some of its reputation given the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, they are still very popular gas gift cards and can be used at all locations. 

Shell – Shell gas cards are probably the best looking cards and some Shell stations offer full food servings that can be great for a hungry stomach after a long day of driving. 

Sunoco – Sunoco cards are less popular than the top three, but still remain a good choice for prepaid gas gift cards. Look for a Sunoco with an APlus convenience store attached.