NetSpend Visa Card Review

With a lot of companies coming up with new concepts using debit cards Net Spend is still sure to stand out among them considering the unique above mentioned features. The usage of the Net Spend visa card is much easier to use and very user friendly.
With the arrival of Net Spend gone are the long queues at banks for basic operations like withdrawal, deposit, fund transfer and so on. All these operations can be performed within minutes sitting at home. Net Spend has been the first prepaid debit card to cross 1 billion $ mark as regards to loads in a single month.
All the Net spend products are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) making them safer and secure than ever before. Net spend has helped over 7 million customers benefit using this debit card for making purchases online, paying bills and shop online since 1999 and the numbers are just growing by the year.