Orchard Bank MasterCard – Reviewed

Orchard Bank MasterCard – Reviewed

The Orchard Bank MasterCard gives many benefits while still reporting to the major bureaus. They give you an opportunity to choose from a variety of MasterCard offers so that your card matches your financial needs and situation.

You’ll have the flexibility of using it at millions of locations worldwide, including ATM’s. With other applications, you submit your information for just one offer.

When you fill out their form, they process the information and then determine which you are actually best qualified for. You won’t need to worry about being turned down, because there is even a secured card with guaranteed approval.

However if you qualify for more than one you decide which one you want. It is up to you.

For qualified applicants, they offer a six-month introductory 0% APR for purchases and balance transfers. This can help get your spending under control by not having to pay interest for six months or consolidating several of your current bills into one payment.

Account Management

An account is simple to maintain and control. You will have access to your information twenty-four hours a day.

You can check your purchase and payment history and keep track of your balance in just minutes with their online account management system. Paying your bills on time is critical if you want to strengthen your credit.

You get to choose your monthly payment due date, giving you the freedom to select a due date that works for you. When you sign up for text messages and email alert service, you will receive reminders about upcoming due dates.

Bill Payments

You can set up monthly payments by scheduling them through your account. Set up one-time, recurring, and even payments that will be processed immediately with their Rush Pay service.

With automatic payments you can set up your schedule and then let Orchard Bank do the rest. They want you to have a good financial foundation.

And by letting you know which offers you will likely qualify for before you submit an application. It will help you eliminate unnecessary inquiries, which can lower your credit score.

The online account management tools will guide you towards effective financial control. They will regularly review your account status and increase your limit when practical, giving you more purchasing power and demonstrating to the bureaus that you are a responsible consumer.

In sum we do suggest the Orchard Bank MasterCard it is a good bad credit credit card for a complete review visit us.

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