Rush Card Promo Code

The Rush Card is a prepaid debit card that is sponsored by entrepreneur and philanthropist Russell Simmons. With the Rush Card you can enjoy the same financial freedom that credit card and checking card holders have. You’ll be able to shop online, in-stores, eat out at restaurants or withdrawal cash at ATM’s. The Rush Card has been one of the most popular prepaid card because of the ease of use and the customer service is top rated.

Rush Card Promo codes can be used to save additional money on the activation fee that is usually associated with the card. Here are the top rated rush card promotional codes that are currently available for use.

Top Rush Card Promotional Codes Available

RCWEB1 – Save $5 off of the activation fee that is normally $10 with this Rush Card Promo Code

BET3 – Get a bonus $10 in your account when you activate and sign up for direct deposit

BET – Get a bonus amount randomly awarded into your account. This will vary from one signup to the next.

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