Shoe Factory Fire, Rush To The Rescue, And Then Rush To The Rescue!

Shoe Factory Fire, Rush To The Rescue, And Then Rush To The Rescue!

24 morning, shiyangchang system near bus station Shoe Burst fire. The fire spread to the shoe of a hundred square meters of warehouse, will be nearly a barrel Lubricating oil Ignite and cause a continuous explosion. To extinguish the fire, fire brigade, Chengdu has mobilized six fire squadron, a total of 112 officers and men into battle. After more than two hours of fighting, the factory before the fire was finally under control. In addition to the shoe factory was burnt down exhausted, the other near Factory building None of damage, the scene no one casualty.

Emergency hundred barrels of oil surrounded by fire

24 2 30 Xu, shiyangchang a shoe factory near the bus station burst of fire. Received Alarm , The 119 command center equipped with the most advanced rapid deployment of Chengdu, one of the most powerful fire squadron?? Secret 2 Squadron went to the scene.

Secret Squadron 2 arrived on the scene, the two-story shoe factory has basically been drowning in a sea of flames, while fire source is surrounded by rows of factory, warehouse, and most products Leather , Cotton and other combustible materials. More dangerous, the fire has continued to spread around the trend. The most worrying is that a responsible person shoe factory, workshop fire in a warehouse where he stored hundreds of barrels of oil! If the fire can not control, is likely to be staged Burning the Camps of the tragedy.

“Request for support! Site has a lot of inflammable and explosive materials!” Despite Secret Service bubble car carrying two squadrons of high-level ladder, water gun carriage and other high-tech equipment, but the face of excessive area of more than 200 square meters and may occur at any time explosion of fire, SWAT 2 Squadron 119, Command Center immediately to seek support.

Support Squadron suffered continuous explosion risk

An emergency! 119 Command Center immediately to the nearest fire eight squadrons sent command: immediately to the scene to support! A few minutes later, 8 squadron officers and men rushed to the scene and quickly into battle. At this point, the flame has a lubricants warehouse store surrounded battle group into the scene you want to send out the drums certainly very dangerous. According to site conditions, fire commanders to judge, but to take off the way to control the fire cool, as a result of high heat and prevent the oil drum exploded.

More than 10 to water gun, water gun fire at a distance of more than 10 meters outside the attacks. Looked from the outside, the spread of fire has been suppressed, fire officers and soldiers are inspired, are ready to bang it down “position”, the scene of the news that several more violent explosion. With the sound of explosions, billowing blast hit to the head outside the firefighters! Fire officers and men most want to see happen: the oil drum exploded!

“Request for support! Request for support!” Two elite squadron of force can not control the fire scene fire, live fire command only once to the 119 command center for help.

Chengdu main assembly of anti-fire fire

24 3 30 points, ear-piercing siren broke the silence on the streets of Chengdu, four fire companies of reinforcements received orders to shiyangchang direction of assembly. In this case, a total of six fire squadron, 112 officers and men into battle to rescue this fire, which brought together nearly half of Chengdu city’s main force.

Scene of the fire, from time to time an explosion heard drums sound, has been the scene of the fire officers and soldiers quickly to put into fire fighting. Reporters on the scene saw dozens Fire Vehicles crowded around the fire, many fire engines had just retired water after use, but also new Vehicle Make up; to withdraw additional water from fire service fire quickly, but also to succeed Another kick down towards the scene “ammunition” for the fire … … the dark night, heard dozens of Road Mobile The light beam, which is another team of officers and men lit the fire Helmet The tactical light, toward the scene of the fire … …

Although the drums still in the warehouse exploded, but the fire did not re-expand, a three-dimensional scene of the fire protection water network will cover a one tightly. Slowly, the fire never heard an explosion outside, shiny red with the Half the Sky’s the fire began to shrink down.

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