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As holiday time rolls around, everyone is busy finding the right present for their family members. Just about everyone has received a Target prepaid gift card either as graduation present, birthday or for the holidays. Available at almost all Target stores in the nation, the Target Visa Prepaid gift card is a convenient way to pay bills, shop online or at the store and do much more. The article provides you with the real facts on the working of the Target Visa Prepaid Card.
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The Target Visa Prepaid Card requires no credit check or prior bank account details required to receive the gift card. And for this reason it is a safe and secure way to make purchases wherever the Visa prepaid card is accepted! The amount of money available on the gift card is equal to what was loaded on the card when purchased. For instance, if your uncle purchased a $100 gift card for you for Christmas, your brand new card has a balance of $200 on it.


To make a purchase that exceeds the balance on your card, you will need to use a second form of payment to cover the remaining amount. As the gift is non reloadable the balance gets deducted as soon as you make a purchase. Therefore, when making a greater purchase than amount remaining on your card remember to tell the cashier that you will be using either another credit card, check or gift card to cover the difference.


You can shop with your Target gift Card until the expiration date shown on the card or till the balance on your card hasn’t depleted. Once the balance on your gift card depletes you could return the gift card to the customer service desk for them to recycle and reuse the card.
How To Check Your Balance?


The balance on your Target Visa Gift Card can be obtained online ( or at customer service desk at your nearest Target store. It is important to have your prepaid card number, CVV number (the three digits on the back) and the expiration date available to get the remaining balance on your gift card.


Lastly, if you still have balance on the card and happen to misplace it remember to immediately report lost or stolen gift cards to the Target customer service. This avoids any unauthorized transactions on your card and keeps your money safe.

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