The Broadway Rush

The Broadway Rush

A lot of people can’t just breeze in and breeze out of Broadway at a whim. Much as they would like to. Buying Broadway show tickets is not exactly a cheap affair. But at $ 100, a good show is worth the rush, many would say. Most people hunt around for cheap, discounted Broadway show tickets and much is being said about rush tickets.

Rush tickets are simply last minute tickets that are given out at the box office at a much cheaper price. People claim that they have got these tickets to watch their favorite show. The story unfolds something like this.

Someone decides to watch a really great show at the last minute. Calls and gets the information that rush tickets will be available at the last minute. Reaches the scene on time and walks away triumphant waving two rush Broadway show tickets.

Appealing as these stories might seem; it is a good idea to get a little realistic. Let us face it; the fraction of people who get lucky enough to get cheap Broadway show tickets is small. Most places have rules for rush tickets. Some give them out only to students with IDs. Many also go by a lottery system which involves the game of wishing and waiting. If you ask me, it pretty much takes out the rush from the whole experience.

A few other Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets are also available at the last moment but there is no way to predict that these will be available. As a rule SRO tickets are given out only when a show sells out. And these are very few and one per person.

The Internet also seems to be filled with tips on getting discount Broadway show tickets. There seems to be no harm in trying. But at best all you can do is run around a couple of times. It is a good past time for those who don’t visit the Broadway often. But of you are a regular you know that the most reliable way to get Broadway show tickets is through a good online source that offers realistic discounts from time to time. Sign up with a good website that offers information and discounts through mails and newsletters.

Though Broadway show tickets are expensive their value is more in the experience. Imagine taking kids to a musical show or to Cinderella coming to life in a way that doesn’t involve sitting on a couch with a bag of potato chips. Or spending an evening with your spouse, listening to the symphony orchestra. It is money well spent. Something that one can’t do every other weekend but a few times a year.

This season there is a lot in store on Broadway. Apart from great theater performances like “ An Evening In The Park With George”, “Hairspray”, “ Gypsy”, “ Passing Strange”, etc. there are other shows like the “ The Blue Man Group”, “ Chicago- the Musical”, “ Swan Lake” and more. And some performances are great enough to drown the coolant you pay with their rush.

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