Top Unlimited Prepaid Texting Plans

Prepaid texting plans are great because you are able to send as many messages as you would like without having to worry about the cost. I know that I get into texting conversations all of the time that can go on for hours at a time. If I was getting charged for these text messages individually, then the bill would be huuuuuge!

Most prepaid phone companies charge anywhere from 5 to 20 cents for each text message that you send. If you send 500 text messages in a month (this is a very low amount) you will have to pay an additional $100!!!! Other companies charge .5 of one unit for each message that is sent. Tracfone charges .3 units for each message sent and received.

Unlimited Verizon Prepaid Phone Text Messaging

You can purchase unlimited texting on your Verizon Wireless prepaid phone for only $20 per month. This is a very affordable price to be able to send an unlimited amount of text messages. The $20 will pay for itself once you send and receive 100 text messages!

Unlimited AT&T Go Phone Text Messaging

You can get a Go Phone with the basic plan and add unlimited text messaging to people on any carrier for $19.99 per month. You will need to login to your account or visiting an AT&T store to activate the feature and pay the additional fee.