Western Union Prepaid Card Customer Service is the Worst

The Western Union Prepaid Cards are very good options as they come with great benefits such as the long standing name brand of Western Union, thousands of locations across the globe, and a unique online account login feature. But, we have been able to determine that Western Union has the worst customer service out of all of the prepaid cards.

People are having a really difficult time getting in contact with Western Union when they have an issue with their prepaid card. This is starting with being hung up on when they reach the customer service line, to being put on hold for hours, or not even being able to get through to a customer service representative. 

Here are some quotes from customers that we found about Western Union Customer Service.

Western union card service customer service is the worst. No one knows anything and something happens, if your card get blocked you get tired excuses and lame apologies. And most importantly everyone speaks with a thick accent in customer service which creates a language barrier problem. Stick with the walmart card and have answers and that way you won’t be given the runaround.

Customer Support is non existant. Call the number on the card, you talk to someone in what sounds like India. Call the number on the website you end up talking to someone in El Salvador. They claim they can’t see your Balance, but refuse to acknowledge a discrepancy. Oh the 1-800-325-600 number from El Salvador put me on hold kept checking to see if I was still there than finally just hung up on me. Who can we talk to, that can acctually help?

Wow, people seem to be really upset about this card and this is why we have labeled it the WORST PREPAID CARD. Do not purchase the Western Union Prepaid Card, instead look for your other options like the Rush Card or Walmart Money Card.