What You Need To Know About Rush Printing Services

What You Need To Know About Rush Printing Services
Is time running short before your next business meeting? Do you need to get brochures, reports, flyers, pocket folders, business cards or other printed material ready fast? If so, then its time to head to one of the NYC printing companies that offers rush printing. In most cases, you can have all your printing materials ready overnight. Digital printing is the fastest printing technique available today and for those that need small runs, its the perfect solution for your printing needs. Offset printing is a very common technique for printing, but it is not the best choice when you need small quantities or something printing quickly.
Offset printing is a great choice for those who need a run length of over 5,000 pieces. It is more affordable than digital printing for these larger quantities. The turnaround time is usually longer, though. If you need rush color printing, youll need to find a NYC printer that offers the latest technology for digital printing, such as such as the HP Indigo digital press. It uses liquid ink, not toner as most other digital presses use and it will give your printed materials a professional look. You may also be interested in bindery services for your digital printing projects, too. This is a great touch for brochures, catalogs, and reports that need that something a little extra.
While offset printing can be cheaper it is certainly not rush printing. It requires time because it requires the use of specially made plates. These plates are used to create the printed material and they are not recyclable. Digital printing is much better for the environment and it doesnt require the large quantities that offset printing to be economical.
If youre looking for rush printing services, find a company that offers digital printing. If youre not as concerned with turnaround times and you need a large quantity of printed materials, then your best choice is definitely offset printing. The quality of printing is not compromised with digital printing just because it is faster, either. Youll love the final results. Each type of printing has its own advantages and disadvantages. A little research ahead of time will help you save money and get the rush printing services you need.
NYC printing companies are a good choice for all your printing needs. You will love the personal service, which is not something you will find when dealing with an online printing company. The prices will be more online, too, when you add in the costs for shipping. This is especially true if you need a rush printing job. Shipping overnight is very expensive. Even if you get a great price on the printing job itself, once the shipping fees are added in, youll soon see you would be better off with a local printer. In addition, its good to build a business relationship with a local company. Youll find that the one-on-one service is certainly priceless.

Influence Graphics offers both digital printing and offset printing at very affordable prices. If you need rush printing services, youll find this company will provide you with the high quality printed materials and exceptional customer service.